About Me!

Hi! my name is Cloie

I like  to play on the Xbox and the WII.On the Xbox I like to play Black ops  and NASCAR  .On the WII I like to play Our House Party and I forgot to say I like to play games on the Xbox with my brother like Mine craft. One time I went to a river and we where going to pull over so my sister was garbing on to a tree and it was a snake so my sister jumped into my raft.My point is I have a awesome,cool,loving family and I love my family too. I love math it’s my favorite subject.I have horses,dogs,cats,chickens.I have a question for those that care how many animals do you have? I have 8 animals.If you can and you like feelings(this is a chapter book) try reading Firegirl it might touch your heart.If you read it tell me.(for people who read it) did you like it?

If I Was A Pumpkin

If I was a pumpkin

I would taste like pie

I would be full of seeds

I would like be carved

I’d want all candy


If I was a pumpkin

I would scare kids

I would  wish to be part of the headless horseman                                                                                                                                                                                                            I would listen for screaming kids

I would always want to scare kids

 If you where a pumpkin what would you do?

Oreo madness

DSC_0269I did a Oreo stacking contest. My first  time I got 23 (second time I didn’t do so well) I got 14. have you ever wondered how many you can stack?


 A kindergartner stacked 26 Oreo. One person in my grade stacked that many oreos.


Also the 3 people(not including me) in my group did first person stacked  16 Oreo second she/he did 18, next person stacked 23 the second time he/she stacked 18, last proson  first 17 second 16 it was awesome.


I bet you didn’t know that there is a oreo handshake. Tech buddies  thats when the kindergarten stacked 26 oreos. My buddy she’s a good estimator.

 I also made a snowman with the crem